8 Insta Worthy Locations Near Sydney

Looking to elevate your Instagram game with some of the nicest natural spots around Sydney? We’ve put together a list of some of the top trending places at the moment to capture that epic selfie or just show off your photography skills.

Diamond Bay Reserve

This walk can be found in Sydney’s Vaucluse area, as part of the Waverly Cliff Walk. If you plan on doing the entire walk, it’s roughly 3kms and a 2-hour walk. This walk offers stunning ocean views of the sandstone cliff edges and old sandstone cutouts amoungst the rocks. If you are just wanting to find this spot, in particular, it’s roughly only a 200m walk from Diamond Bay reserve. There is very limited parking for this area and it can become rather popular, especially coming close to summer. On this walk, you will see many people slack-lining across the cliffs and jumping off the trail to explore the old sandstone steps. You can read more information about the walk on the Waverly Council website.

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Belmore Falls

These waterfalls can be found in Robertson within the Southern Highlands, just 2 hours from Sydney. These falls have been increasingly popular across Instagram over the last year and to this day, is still one of our favorites. This walk has officially been closed by National Parks so access to the middle and lower falls requires you to jump a fence to get there. The signal is limited on this walk so can make it dangerous, especially with the slippery rocks around. With this in mind, you can get to the bottom of Belmore Falls here!

You can still get plenty of nice photos from the official track that will take you around the edge of the escarpment and will eventually lead you to the top of the falls. Although the official trail isn’t as Insta-worthy, it’s still worth a visit with so many other waterfalls in the Southern Highlands region.

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Hanging Rock

Hanging Rock is found just a short distance out of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains – 2 hours from Sydney. To get to the start of this walk, it does involve driving on an unsealed road, so please take that into consideration when deciding which car to take. Follow Ridgewell Road to the locked gate where you’ll find a small car park and the beginning of Burramoko Fire Trail. The walk itself is roughly 10km and requires you to have a fairly high fitness level as some spots are steep. You will follow along the fire trail, headed towards Baltzers Lookout, where you will then be able to see the descent to Hanging Rock itself.
A reminder that this hike is a long one so appropriate equipment, shoes, and a PBL should be taken on this walk. Learn more about hiking for beginners.


Eagle head Rock

Eagle Head Rock is found in The Royal National Park – 1 hour from Sydney. This is around a 2.5 hour hike, covering roughly 7kms(return) of Sydney’s coastal landscape. As the name suggests, it is literally a rock that looks like an eagles’ head, protruding out over the sea. Other than these views, there are plenty of other things to stop and look at on the way. You may be able to stop and spot some whales, or cool off along the way in Curracurrang Falls. Mild fitness level is needed for this walk as there are small steep sections but overall is pretty easy. There are exposed cliff edges so we would probably suggest to avoid taking young children on this walk.


Lincolns rock

Lincon’s Rock is located in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains – 1.5 hours from Sydney. Over the years this location has been known by a few different names but was officially called Lincon’s rock in 2013. Getting to this spot only takes around 5 minutes (return) from the carpark on Little Switzerland Drive. This giant flat rock offers incredible valley views and makes you feel as though you are in another world. Lincon’s Rock has a lookout but the area but it’s all unfenced, so take caution and if you take a dog, it needs to be leashed.

Sea cliff bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge has been one of the go-to spots for years, especially when it comes to filming for car commercials. The walk can be found in Clifton – 1 hour from Sydney. There are some parking spots along this road but as the walk to the lookout is unofficial, parking can be very limited. This spot does involve some scrambling to get here and does involve unfenced cliff edges, so caution is highly recommended. The walk to the top takes roughly around 15 minutes but is all uphill so can take longer depending on fitness levels. At the top of the track there are railway lines, these are still used so people avoid that area. For more information on sea cliff bridge and how to get there, click here! 

Figure 8 pools

The Figure 8 Pools can be found in The Royal National Park – 1 hour from Sydney. This stunning spot offers incredible views, stunning rock pools and some secluded beaches along the way. This one does involve a bit of a walk, so not a great one if you were planning a quick visit. The way down takes roughly an hour, so allow for additional time on the ascent back up the mountain.

Things to keep in mind before going to this epic Insta location:

  • Rock pools are tidal so remember to plan to visit at low tide to avoid disappointment.
  • Unexpected waves can lead to injury so consider packing a first aid kit.
  • Pack plenty of water, snacks and know your fitness level before participating in this walk. See link for more information about Figure 8 Pools


Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse

BarrenJoey Head – 1 hour from Sydney and is one of the locations for the iconic Aussie drama, Home & Away. This Instagram haven offers gorgeous shots of Palm Beach (also known as Summer Bay to those H&A fans), the lighthouse and just stunning photos along the coastal walk. From the carpark, it is around a 1km walk each way, which takes around 1 hour to complete if you are of a moderate fitness level. Allow additional time for photos and be sure to pack snacks and water for the walk. It’s also advised by NSW National Parks not to undertake this walk if there are high winds, storms or extreme heat. Sundays are the only day’s you can take a guided tour of the 1881 Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse.


Do you have any other Insta worthy locations you think we should add to the list? Be sure to comment so we can add them! Want to submit a walk of your own? Contribute here!

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  1. Julie Peters says:

    Hi, two people have recently passed away after slipping whilst taking a photo on the cliffs edge at Diamond Bay. Please edit the above post to say people shouldn’t risk their life for a photo – and to stay on the safe side of the fence.

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