Curracurrang Falls


Curracurrang Falls

Curracurrang Falls nested in the royal national park is a secluded swimming hole fed by a stunning waterfall. The water is deep enough to swim in with the pools’ bottom consists of rock and sand. There are no signs posted for Curracurrang Falls and it isn’t well known so it is generally a quite swimming spot. It’s rare to find a quiet spot in the Royal National Park, especially one so close to the popular Wattamolla beach.

To start The track, park at the Wattamolla car park, parking here is paid. Park fees are $12 per vehicle per day. From the car park you will to head south, there are a couple of starts to the track. Look for signs for the coastal track, or from the very top carpark there is a gate for a fire trail which will lead you to the trail.

Once you are on the track keep following the marked trail for 1.8km. You will eventually come to Curracurrang gully creek, which is the first creek that you will reach. Take note of the photos below for this point. Once you are here you will notice a small National parks sign with Curracurrang written on it. From here you may notice a track to the right of the creek(north side), Follow this track up stream. After roughly 200 meters through tranquil palm forest you will reach the swimming hole.

Around Curracurrang Falls

There are plenty of other places worth checking out in the royal national park. If you continue on the track for another 2km you will come to eagle head rock Curracurrong Falls(Similar name, different waterfall). Another great nearby swimming spot, also with a waterfall you can swim under is Winifred Falls. Other wise, the Wattamolla beach, while usually crowded is a top spot.

Curracurrang Falls
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