Terms of Agreement

This term of agreement covers the contract between the users of Pioneer walks and the Pioneer walks itself as an entity.

The agreement covers the use, distribution and addition of content to the site and the copy write that follows its context and media files. by using this service you are agreeing to the terms listed in this agreement.


The images and other media that are used on Pioneer walks are protected by copyright  laws, the use and distribution is not permitted under these laws. Non commercial use or other conditional uses may be approved but only after written consent by Pioneer walks, this is only legally binding if the image requested for use has been authorised to be distributed by Pioneer Walks or if the image is owned by Pioneer walks.

When Submitting a walk via the submit a walk page, the image or images provided by the user must be either owned by the user submitting them or under a copyright agreement that allows to user to legally do so. Pioneer Walks does not take ownership of any images that a user submits through the submit a walk form. However many images in use on Pioneer Walks are owned by Pioneer Walks and are thus protected by copyright. If you wish to report any claims of a breach of copyright in any of the content or media on the Pioneer Walks pages, then please contact us at [email protected] or use the contact form provided on the contact page and we will resolve this issue and address any concerns you might have.

For more information on copyright laws visit the Intellectual property and copyright page.

The Walks Service

The service provided by Pioneer walks is to list and inform its users of tourism destinations related to swimming, bush walking and hiking in the area of NSW. This service is provided unrestricted to all users for free, Pioneer Walks so holds the right to distributed advertisement across its pages and content with the intent of producing revenue. The advertising distributor is Google adsense and they hold the right and the means to targeting  its selected audience and demographic with its own set of ads with Pioneer Walks as its mean to do so. If you have any concerns regarding your privacy in relation to this please refer to the privacy policy.

Pioneer walks provides a the information of each walk as a brief description of the walks to the best of our capability, the directions of the walks, particularly the blog section are up to the interpretation of the reader and so pioneer walks takes no responsibility for any lost, confused or injured walkers that may attempt any of the walks listed on this site.

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