Outdoor instagramers you should be following

Looking to add some travel and adventure inspiration to your Instagram feed? If you are just starting to get into hiking or have been in the adventure game a while, these accounts are still sure to make you want to get exploring. From large accounts to some lesser known ones, we’ve pulled together some awe-inspiring accounts that are more than happy to share their adventure locations with you!

Hayden McLean


Hayden is a Southern Highlands based photographer who is constantly updating his Insta account with stories and posts daily. From waterfalls, hidden gems and panoramic views, this account seriously has it all. If your lucky enough, Hayden may even take you out on an adventure!

Dan Jee


Dan is one of the biggest adventure accounts out there and it’s for a good reason! Dan manages to capture incredible photos while visiting the greatest of places. One of our favourite things about his account is that he is more than happy to share the locations he visits and will even take people out on adventures to get there. Hey, isn’t that all part of what the hiking community is about, sharing? If you aren’t following this Sydney based hiker yet, do!

Jordan Sloane


Jordan is a Sydney based photographer who tries to get outdoors as often as possible. His feed is a combination of incredible location shots and some magical photography effects, as well as some personal content. You’ll probably want to take up photography after seeing his account!

Pioneer Gear

Ethan Yates


Ethan is another NSW local resident around the Illawarra region and is known in the community for having incredible photos, showing some of the nicest local spots. Ethan is one of the co-founders of @ethnosphereco, which is an account dedication to adventure clips and drone footage!

Matt Gencevski


Matt is one of the other co-founders of @ethnosphereco and his account is filled with plenty of travel shots to make you feel a high level of travel envy. Matt is a local to the Illawarra area and is an account that will grow very quickly!

Nataylia Rose


Nataylia is an NSW based explorer who makes us feel envious with her coastal adventures, canyoning, and hiking adventures. She is slowly but surely showing us all the beautiful spots Australia has to offer and boy, is her account growing by the day!

Raymond Chau


Ray is an incredible landscape photographer who lives in NSW. He is undoubtedly one of the most notable on Insta and is well worth a follow. Warning in advance, Ray also travels to stunning locations like Iceland, so after seeing his feed, you’ll probably book a trip there soon yourself! Ray also takes people on adventures too!

Tash Simmons


Tash is another account that makes you envious with the places she visits! NSW based, she travels mostly within the area, finding new places to explore and uploading epic pictures that makes us want to put on our hiking boots and go! Coming into summer, this is one account you’ll really want to be following!

Caedence Kuepper


Caedence is one of the smaller accounts mentioned here but he is truly the account you want to be following if you love waterfalls! His account is solely dedicated to waterfalls over Aus and you’ll see how quickly his photography skills have advanced in the short time he’s been on Instagram.

Madeline Rose


Madeline is truly the Queen of waterfall exploration. Her account shows you many of the falls that Australia has to offer, we find it hard to keep up with them all. She will really get you in the mood to go swimming, even in the middle of Winter!

David Metcalf


Dave is a Wollongong based photographer who manages to capture and share incredible photos from local favourite spots, as well even fit in some photos of some international hot spots! His landscape shots are magnificent and his storm and aurora photos are even better!

There are plenty of other great accounts you should be following on the gram if you are wanting to make the most of the beautiful locations in Australia. Unfortunately, we can’t list them all or some of the accounts don’t like sharing the location of their photos, for that reason, they had to be left out. Happy exploring!

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