Belmore Falls – The Bottom

The Bottom of Belmore Falls in Robertson is one of the best swimming locations near Sydney. Many people view Belmore falls and always make the same comment “I wish I could get to the pool in the middle” today we took on that challenge. With daylight savings, the long weekend and warm weather, it was the perfect time to head out on an adventure. This was once an actual trail as fences line the way for the start of the trip and stone steps in sections the whole way down but it has now been fenced off.

Belmore falls is located in Robertson in the Southern Highlands, part of the Morton National Park which signs direct you to as you come into the town. The walk commences at Hindmarsh Lookout where you will find a section of the track that is fenced off but you can see a worn-in trail leading towards some rocks and some holes in the wire of the fence. (As pictured below)


You head over the fence and head towards the clearing where you will see two paths leading to the left and right. We took the track to the left which leads down a steep hill that spired down veering towards the right eventually. The track is rather direct although a few sections of the walk do come confusing however you will always be able to direct yourself in the right direction. A few trees have fallen along the path so they do require you to climb over them, under them and also requires you to walk through muddy sections until you are lead to the falls.

Once at the falls you are able to explore what the bottom of Belmore Falls truly has to offer. Climb on the slippery rocks to get beautiful views of untouched nature, brave the cold water for a once in a lifetime swimming experiences (Our bodies went numb instantly) or view the secondary waterfall below you as well as above you. This is a nice spot to pack a picnic lunch and eat on the rocks while you dry off in the sun. The walk back up is all up-hill so be mindful of what you pack, lots of water is suggested. The walk takes roughly 45 mins each way depending on how experienced you are, it can be achieved much faster if you wear appropriate footwear.

National Parks, unfortunately, do not seem to be opening the official track back up to the public anytime soon and are now taking extra efforts to ensure people don’t get to the bottom of Belmore Falls. Although they do this with safety in mind, it’s a shame to see such a pretty place closed off for people to explore and learn a little more about nature. With this in mind, you can safely view the top of Belmore Falls here.

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2 thoughts on "Belmore Falls – The Bottom"

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi. I’ve done this walk a few times but now sadly our crappy council have put up a fine sign of some $300k if you proceed on the track ?it definitely is one of the best walks around now ruined by office workers!

  2. Immanuel says:

    Hello, I went to the Falls early last year before the tragic accident. I’ve been trying to sus out on social media for some recent posts but was unable to find any…. I was wondering if anyone has been for a swim recently??? Or I would like to know if it’s feasible at all to take a hike down?

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