Hiking For Beginners – All You Need To Know

Have you seen some magical places on Instagram lately that you just can’t wait to visit but are a little unsure of what it takes to get there? There are many things that you need to take into account before undertaking any walk just as a preventative from getting hurt. From truly knowing your ability to properly researching a walk, there a  million things between you should take into consideration before heading on a hike. If you’re completely new to the hiking game, here are some tips and tricks for a successful hike. Here it is, hiking for beginners!

Know the difficulty of the walk:
It’s super important to take into consideration the difficulty of the walk. If you’ve never gone on a hike before, try a moderate level hike first. We would not recommend tackling an overnight hike or a difficult walk like to the bottom of Carrington Falls which requires rock scrambling and navigational skills to find your way through the bush without a guided trail. Start off with something that is considered fairly easy or one that involves some hills if you wanted to try and push yourself a little.

Always pack the necessities: 
No matter if you are going on a short walk or a few hours of hiking, it’s important to always make sure you take a backpack with you that has all the essential gear in it. We’d recommend packing some snacks, plenty of water, a jacket (Yes, even in summer. If something goes wrong and you are stuck outside for the night, you’ll be wishing you packed one!). A first aid kit is essential and if possible, we’d recommend getting a hold of a PBL (personal location beacon) if you are heading out somewhere with a limited signal. You can hire these from your local police station or can purchase one online. They will help to alert emergency services to you if you need!

hiking for beginners - what to wear

Wear appropriate clothing/footwear: 
This is one that we can’t stress enough! It’s so important to be prepared with the right footwear for a hike. Sorry guys, but your Nike airs won’t cut it out on a lengthy hike. We’d highly recommend investing in some hiking boots that have ankle support, you’ll regret not having it if you trip along a track.
In addition to this, we’d recommend wearing something comfortable but breathable. If you are planning on heading out on a walk that is in thick scrub, consider wearing pants. If you aren’t 100% committed to the idea of wearing pants on a hot day, there are a few brands of hiking pants out there that turn into shorts. Not exactly the most fashionable items on the market but you will thank us for it later.

hiking boots for beginners


Inform others of your plans: 
If you are planning on heading on a hike with friends or solo, it’s best to let someone else know who won’t be attending the hike of your plans. Give them some information on the track and direction you are planning on heading, where you are parking, who you are going with and when they can expect you back by. This way, if something goes wrong on the hike, emergency services will have some indication on where to find you if you get lost and didn’t take the PLB with you.

You can read more on how to be safe when hiking here!


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