Sydney Coastal Walks

Are you looking for costal walks around Sydney? We’ve pulled together some of the must-see spots to visit. Sydney coastal walks offer stunning views over the ocean, bays and some even some waterfalls along the way. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, these places are a must. Are you a bird lover or a botanist? These walks will also be paradise to you too. Here are some of our favourites:

Bondi To Bronte Coastal Walk

The Bondi to Bronte walk never gets old. It doesn’t matter you are a tourist or have been to Bondi every day during summer, you won’t be disappointed with this walk. Parking can be a little pricey, but hey, that’s just Sydney right? The walks start’s near Nott’s avenue, near Bondi’s Icebergs Club.

Bondi to Bronte walk takes around 1.5 hours to complete and is roughly 4kms long. It’s a fairly easy walk with places to stop and swim along the way. You have limitless options of cafes if you start to get peckish and during October and November, you are treated to the sculptures by the sea display.

Figure 8 Pools – Sydney Coastal Walk

Figure 8 pools is a gem of a Sydney coastal walk found within the Royal National Park. This is a very popular tourist spot but it isn’t the easiest to get to. If you were after a light walk, this isn’t the one for you. To access these pools, you’ll need to walk down a mountain, which means you’ll need to hike back to the top to get back to your car. If you are up for the challenge, it’s well worth it.

The return to Figure 8 Pools will take you roughly 2.5 hours. Allow some additional time if you wanted to spend some time looking around and if you planned on having a swim, you’ll take a little longer. The total track is 6kms in return distance with nothing around it. Be sure to pack plenty of water, snacks and first aid equipment. This is a tidal area so it’s important to check tide times to ensure you’ll be able to view the pools and access them safely. In saying this, sometimes freak waves do occur so be safe on this walk!

Spit To Manly Coastal Walk

Wanting to take a long walk? The Split to Manly walk takes you 10kms through Sydney Harbour National Park. The walk begins at Spit bridge and takes you through to a number of beaches such as Clontarf Beach and Castle Rock beach. Along the way, you can venture off the track to find waterfalls, hidden grottos and stunning lighthouses hidden on some of the detour paths.

You can expect to close to 3 hours on this walk. Add additional time if you decide to explore or stop for regular swims. The walk will finish at Manly Cove and Ferry Terminal where you’ll be able to catch a ferry back to Spit. If 10kms wasn’t enough for you, you can return the same way you came.

Eagle Head Rock

As the name suggestions, this walk takes you quite literally to a rock that looks like an eagle head. This is another gem that’s found within the Royal National Park that will take around 2.5 hours to complete. The walk to Eagle Head Rock is around 7kms and is more to the easy/medium scale. There are some slight hills and rocky and muddy areas but overall, it’s a stunning walk. There are stunning views of the ocean along the cliff edge, just be careful not to get too close!

You even get to swim in a waterfall on this walk if you venture a little off the track. Curracurrang Falls is roughly 5kms of the 7kms to the way to Eagle Head Rock. There are no clear signs labelled for this walk, so it can be easily missed. It’s the perfect location to cool off if you get a little hot on the walk. This one is great to add to the list if you are after a short Sydney coastal walk.

Bundeena To Otford Coastal Track

The Bundeena to Otford track is one of the longest walks that Sydney has to offer. This walk is graded hard and while it is possible to do in a day (running or during daylight savings) it’s recommended to do it over 2 days. This one requires you to trek 27kms one way through the Royal National Park, staying at burning palms. You will need to get someone to collect you and drop you off or you can work out the bus system. If you plan this one with a friend, you can also take two cars and park one at each end of the walk.

Along this walk, you’ll get to view many of the gorgeous locations listed above. You’ll pass Wedding Cake Rock which is a 5km return hike on its own as well as figure 8 pools and eagle head rock. During May to August, you may even get to spot some whales swimming in the water below. If you are an experienced hiker and decide to take this walk, you’ll need to book in to stay overnight in advance. This walk really is one of the most ultimate Sydney coastal walks.

Berowra Track – Ku-ring-chase

The Berowra Track is found within the Ku-ring-chase National Park. This is a great walk to access if you don’t have a car as it’s close to Berowra station. The total circuit is 11.5kms and will take 3-4 hours to complete. It’s a rather flat track that follows the water’s edge so if you are a fairly fit person, you could finish this in 2 hours. We’d recommend overestimating time as you’ll probably find a few spots where you’ll want to have a swim.

This is a great track to do with kids however it’s not pram or wheelchair accessible. You’ll need to remember to pack a towel and a possible change of clothes (no one likes hiking in wet clothes). One of our favourite things about this walk is that it offers a different type of coastal view from all the other walks listed. Granted, not as impressive but still worth the mention.

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