Best Walks Of The Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands is known for is pristine bushwalks and fresh air. People come from all around just to explore the vast landscapes and scenic falls that the area has to offer. We’ve pulled together our top 5 walks from around the area based on beauty and uniqueness.

Fitzroy Falls

This walk can be as long or as short as you want to make it, which is why it’s so perfect. There are a number of great viewing platforms along this walk and you can choose to visit just the main falls or hike for hours to views of the escarpment below.  This walk is also good for the whole family as the first section is wheelchair accessible, to see the very top of the falls. There is also a cafe and information centre there too, even with a gift shop! Entry is free, you just need to pay for parking! Read more about Fitzroy Falls.

60 Foot Falls

This gorgeous spot is found in Mittagong and doesn’t take very long to get to. The first half of the walk starts on a clearly marked fire trail but can become a little harder to find as you move further along the track. It only takes roughly half an hour to get to this spot but does require a little rock scrambling if you are planning on getting to the bottom of these falls. One of the best parts about this spot is that the walk is pet-friendly, you can swim and it’s stunning! Get to 60 Foot Falls by following our guide!

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40 Foot Falls

This walk is one the begins at Lake Alexandra in Mittagong and takes you all the way out to the back of Welby. The track to this one can be rather confusing as it is a little neglected and can become overgrown in some places. Overall, this walk is really pleasant and is another dog-friendly walk! Expect it to take roughly 3 hours to complete and some additional time if you are planning on taking pets. There is one section of the walk that does require you to climb a small ladder so keep this in mind. Read about 40 foot falls in more detail and direction on how to find it here!

Glow Worm Glen

This walk is one that is found in Bundanoon and is one that is spectacular day or night! During the day you can view the stunning flora and fauna that the area has to offer, as well as the little creek and glen you can see from the boardwalk. Although it’s pretty during the day, this spot made it to the list for the incredible glow worms of a night! A camera really can’t capture how magical this place feels, it’s literally like something out of the movie Avatar. You have mushrooms that glow in the dark too! It’s important to know when the best time is to visit this spot if you are planning on seeing the glowworm. Read our complete guide on Glow Worm Glen. 

Erith Coal Mine

Finally, we had Erith Coal Mine which is located in Bundanoon. This spot is pretty incredible because it offers plenty of history along it’s path, informing you of what the mines were used for, when they were occupied and who they were owned by. If you take a torch with you, you will be able to see into sections of the mine that offer you insight into Bundanoons past.
One of the other great features about this spot is if you continue down the path from the mines, you will find yourself at an impressive waterfall. We do recommend attending this spot after some rain if you are visiting specifically for the falls. Do bare in mind that some sections of the walk do involve a river crossing which can be difficult to navigate after some rain. You can read more about Erith Coal Mine in our guide!

Do you have other walks in the Highlands that you feel deserve a mention? Feel free to comment below and we will add them to the list. Have a walk suggestion that isn’t listed on the website yet? You can now add your own walks by clicking on our contribute section!

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