Top 5 swimming holes near Sydney

With the weather warming up we put together a list of some of the best swimming holes around Sydney for you to check out and explore. details of each spot can be found in the links provided with them.

Mermaid pools

Mermaid pools
Mermaid pools located roughly an hours drive south of Sydney offers thrills with is various platforms for cliff diving into the deep pool, if adrenaline isn’t your thing then there are plenty of other swimming holes in close walking distance such as see through pools just up stream. Read more.

Nellies glen

Nellies Glen
Nellies Glen is an easy to get to swimming hole suitable for all ages 100 meters from the car park and a 2 hour scenic drive south of Sydney on the outskirts of the country town of Robertson. This awesome spot is a deep rock pool with a waterfall on one side, it is often used in NSW tourism photographs, and was recently the features in mt franklin’s commercial. To continue the adventure Carrington falls, a 90 metre high waterfall is located directly opposite the car park with more swimming options and a lookout of the falls, or even checkout Belmore falls near by. Read more.

Belmore falls

Belmore falls is located in Robertson in the Southern highlands, part of the Morton National Park where the walk starts from Hindmarsh lookout. This swimming hole is rather difficult to get to with no signs directing you to it however it is well worth it. Belmore falls swimming hole is in the middle level of the falls which offers a majestic experience like no other. Although the water is often cold due to the lack or direct sunlight, you are able to swim in the middle section where a powerful waterfall towers over you. Rock walls surround you that have beautiful lush green flora growing from them all the way up and the mist off of the falls makes this place feel completely untouched. Read more.

Minerva pool

Dharawal pools
Minerva pool is a swimming hole that is a part of the Dharawal pools in the Macarthur region just south of Sydney, the pool is a nice easy walk to get to and like all the swimming holes in this article has a waterfall feeding the pool. The pools are deep and the area allows for some further adventure after cooling off or other pools to dive into. Read more.

Winifred falls

Winifred falls is located in Sydney’s Royal National Park which offers crystal clear waters to swim in. There is a short walk to get to the falls down a fire trail. This particular swimming hole consists of a rock and sand bottom with crystal clear water allowing you to see the bottom of while swimming which makes for a more peaceful swim. The water falls off of the rocks above and into the pool below which you can swim and stand under without any hassles. Rock is surrounding the swimming hole which gives a perfect tranquil scenery and offers a great spot to sun bake or pack a picnic lunch. Read more.

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