Mermaid Pools Tahmoor


Mermaid Pools Tahmoor

Getting to Mermaid Pools Tahmoor

Mermaid pools are located in the Wollondilly region on the border of Bargo, Phesants Nest and Tahmoor, on the Bargo River. There is a carpark on the corner of Charlies Point Road and Rockford Road. You will see a rough dirt trail which will lead you closer to the bridge. There is a path you can follow from under the bridge which will follow along with the river.

After recent floods, the path has become a little unclear in some places. After following the river for around 15 minutes you will see the path make a climb up a cliff. An old rusted motor will indicate that you are on the right path. Once had the top, turn left and follow the little arrows on the trees that say “mermaids”. These will direct you to to the pools. On the way, you should be sure to check out see thru pools for a more relaxed swimming spot.

Things to do at Mermaid Pools Tahmoor

Mermaid Pools Tahmoor makes for some awesome cliff jumping with varying degrees of height, from the platform the lowest at roughly 15 meters high, to the highest, stupidity at 30 meters. There is no easy access in or out of the pools, the easiest most direct way out is to climb out near the waterfall along the wall, there is a rope there for assistance but don’t rely on the rope, it will take a few times to get confident at when getting out so before you jump make sure you are sure of how you will climb out.

Mermaid Pools Tahmoor
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