Nellies Glen


Nellies Glen

Getting to Nellies Glen

Nellies Glen is located in Budderoo National park. This┬ácan be accessed very easily by following Jamberoo Mountain road from Robertson. A sign leading you into the national park will be found on the right roughly 7kms from the start of the road, on the right hand side. Parking for this walk will be just be to your left before you come to the river crossing. If you cross a rivercrossing you’ve gone too far. Follow this dirt road roughly 50 metres where you will see a small unmarked carpark. Spots in this area are normally very limited and can be hard to get during peak seasons and school holidays. Signs leading you to Nellies Glen will direct you along the dirt track until you reach Nellies Glen. The walk should not take more than a few minutes to reach.

Swimming at Nellies Glen

When you arrive at Nellies Glen there are rocks for you to place your belongings on while you go for a dip in the refreshing water. The water is fairly shallow and it is not advised to jump from the top of this waterfall. You are able to swim up under the waterfall into the small cave where you can relax in the shade in the summer months. The water is rather chilly but is well worth the experience. You are able to walk on top of this small waterfall where you will be able to view a small cascade of water flowing down the stream from the blue pools. Many beautiful photo opportunities can be taken here which would be perfect for a long exposure photo.

Other swimming spots close by

You can follow the water flow and it will lead you to a small swimming area that would be more suited for families. This swimming area is known as the blue pools which can also be accessed by car if you don’t feel like taking all your towels on a short journey. Blue pools has more car spaces which may be a better option if you are unable to find parking at the Nellies Glen carpark. In this area you will also see more walking tracks that will lead you to Warris Chair Lookout and Missingham Lookout Track.

Nellies Glen
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