Box vale walking track


Box vale walking track

The box vale walking track takes you through a historic path out the back of Mittagong in the southern highlands. The bushwalk takes you through the track that was formed as a part of the coal mining in the area from the late 1800’s. Some of the key highlights of the hike are the cuttings, walking between the rock faces along either side of you. The 100 meter tunnel through the rock hill is definitely a unique feature of this walk. At the end of the walk you are treated the the lookout of a valley of the Natti national park. This trail gives a great insight to the history of the southern highlands and its industry.

Since the box vale track was originally built for a train line for carts of coal, the whole track is reasonably flat. This means that the walk itself is quite easy and suitable for families or the casual hiker. The track is well marked and easy to follow, red markers are used to mark potentially unclear parts of the track, follow these and you won’t get lost. The box vale track also has plenty of spots to stop, picnin tables can be found at the start of the track, one at the mid point of the track and then a couple at the end lookout. These stop points mean that you can take the trail at your own pace and even break the walk up with food breaks and a place to sit down.

Around the box vale track

The box vale walk is a part of a much larger circuit of nearby water falls, 40 foot falls and 60 foot falls. You can make the whole day of it by visiting all the other short tracks of the Mittagong area. There is also a small swimming area near the start of the box vale track. After a couple of hundred meters into the walk you will come across a river before some stairs. If you follow this river for about 50 meteres down stream you will come to the secluded swimming hole.


Box vale walking track
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