Waterfall Way – The Ultimate NSW Road Trip

Waterfall way as its name suggests is a route abundant with waterfalls. This famous stretch of highway is located inland in northern NSW in the New England region. It is a detour well worth the extra travel time for those heading north from Sydney. The drive is a great way to go to avoid holiday traffic and make your trip that bit more adventurous. In this post, we will go over four of the many waterfalls along the way worth stopping for! We are taking you in order of the fall from south north bound.

Waterfall Way – Wollomombi Falls

The first stop on waterfall way, Wollomombi falls, the tallest waterfall in New South Wales. While technically on Grafton Rd not waterfall way, its close enough to count and on your way. It’s just a short drive down an unsealed road that practically adds no extra time onto your trip. Wollombi Falls offers stunning views of the valley from the viewing platform just near the carpark. If you are looking to stretch your legs or have a BBQ, then this is a great stop off. There are long walks from here that offer great vantage points of the falls which can take around an hour to complete. Once you’ve checked out this spot, it’s on to your next destination!

wollomombi falls

Ebor Falls

Waterfall ways second stop is the breathtaking Ebor falls. From Wollomombi Falls, Ebor falls can be found just a short 30-minute drive away, which is around 42kms. This spot is a two for one deal, as you have views of upper and lower falls, both unique and different in their own way.  There are excellent viewing platforms of both the main upper falls and the secondary falls. With picnic facilities available, it makes for a good quiet spot to stop for a meal or just a great place to stretch your legs. There are two car parks that can be found in both upper and lower falls which you can drive between or you can take a scenic walk around the rim to gain full access to both falls (This just depends on your schedule) as this walk is rather level and easy.

Upper Ebor Falls waterfall way

Dangar Falls

Waterfall Way is home to the very popular Dangar Falls.  Dangar falls is just 50kms from Ebor falls and should only take you around 40-minutes to reach. These falls offer the chance for a swim on this epic road trip. Photos don’t do this waterfall justice, it is a monster, after some heavy rainfall it gets pumping. This spot is close to the town of Dorrigo,  and as a result, it can get pretty crowded (especially during school holidays). You can take in the view from the top of the falls or you can get to the base, with a short walk of around 15-minutes.

If the main pool under the waterfall is packed there is another great spot to swim here.
To the right of the top of the waterfall is a track that will take you to a much smaller waterfall to swim under.

Dangar falls Dorrigo

Crystal Shower Falls

Unlike the other waterfalls on waterfall way, Crystal Shower Falls isn’t just by the side of the road. It’s just off waterfall way and only a 10-minute drive from Dangar falls. That being said it is definitely worth a bit of extra walking, this waterfall is magnificent. Nestled in a dense rainforest, it is quite a site. You get to walk through an amazing array of rainforest that is home to beautiful native flora and fauna. This waterfall walk of Crystal Shower Falls will take you over the top of a suspension bridge as part of the viewing platform and will even let you walk under these magnificent falls.  If you have some extra time, this track is a loop and offers more stunning views of other waterfalls along the way.


crystal shower falls dorrigo
Although there are a million other possible stops for waterfall way, you struggle to find time to see them all. You could easily make a week long trip out of this and truly experience every place. Dorrigo offers plenty of walks and accommodation in the area and just a short distance from Dorrigo, Belligen offers stunning walks along the Never Never river. These 4 waterfalls are a must see along waterfall way!

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  1. Jude Costello says:

    There are several other beautiful falls not mentioned, Dangars Falls and others down the gorge walking track (Armidale), Bakers Ck falls.
    Metz Gorge, Gara River gorge.

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