Carrington Falls


Carrington Falls

Getting there

Carrington falls is located in Budderoo National park Robertson which can be accessed very easily by following Jamberoo Mountain rd from Robertson. A sign leading you into the national park will be found on the right roughly 7kms from the start of the road. A car park is located close to the waterfalls with optional walking tracks around the rim of the falls which take roughly a 25 minute loop to complete.

Starting the walk to Carrington Falls

There are three main viewing platforms for Carrington falls, some of which are able to be accessed by wheelchair as ramps are in place. Each of these lookouts offers astonishing views of the Carrington falls 90m drop.
There is a picnic area set up for BBQs, designated areas for camping and toilet facilities. One of the great experiences of viewing this waterfall is having the opportunity to swim at the top of the waterfall which is safe for families so long as you do not pass the warning signs as there are no fences.

Smaller walking tracks can also be found in this area which includes Nellies Glen, Warris Chair Lookout, Blue pools and Missingham lookout.

If you are interested in getting to the bottom of Carrington falls we can assist. Follow the link for our guide on getting to the bottom here.

Carrington Falls
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Getting there

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