Website updates

Update 22/04/2020

  • Added waterfalls as a filter options

Update 16/12/2018

  • Whole new user dashboard design.
  • Login page bug fixes, login now redirects correctly once logged in.
  • Speed improvements to Javascript.

Update 30/10/2018

  • Card style listing for walks list
  • Next post for single blog posts
  • Heading font change throughout website
  • Google maps api update for submit a walk page

Update 27/09/2018

  • Various design improvements across log and walks pages

Update 10/07/2018

  • User interface changes to mobile tabs and inline page images
  • Fix – map pins weren’t touchable on touch devices
  • Fix – for mobile devices, closing the gallery would open the loin page
  • Login / register page redesign

Update 02/07/2018

  • Users can now edit their submitted walks
  • Instagram feed in the footer

Update 17/04/2018

  • Infinite scroll on walks lists pages (walks load in as you scroll)

Update 16/04/2018

  • Filter by swimming or dog friendly
  • Walk submission now takes dog friendly as a property
  • Minor bug fixes with walk submission grade
  • Moved regions to a collapasble list
    • Now at the top of the walks list when on mobile
  • New footer design with all social media links
  • Protected walks can now be viewed after filling out a form
  • Single walk in page tabs (overview, gallery and map) now stick to the top of the page on mobile

Update 21/03/2018

  • Mobile – Tabs now introduced on single walk pages
  • Mobile – Walk summary info now displayed at the top of a walk instead of at the bottom
  • Word counter now visible for the submit  walk content field
  • New design for the hompage blog post tiles
  • Various minor style fixes

Update 12/02/2018

  • Ability to now use google maps to navigate to the start of the walk, works with the native google maps app
  • Child walks now accepted, a duplicate walk can be submitted and now connects to a parent walk. More refined work to come

Update 03/01/2018

  • Improvements to the submit a walk image gallery uploading
    • You no longer need to re-upload every photo if you want to add to your gallery.
    • Uploaded images are stored in the session so if you navigate away or refresh the page the gallery is still there.

Update 01/01/2018

  • Added ability for users to change their display picture

Update 26/09/2017

  • Fix – security error blocking comments

Update 20/09/2017

  • Added function that allows a user to delete their walks

Update 17/09/2017

  • Added algorithm that allows users to sort walks based on their current location
  • Styling improvements walks list on mobile
  • Styling improvements for footer
  • Added search above walks list on mobile
  • Added error reporting when an image was too large on upload
  • Mobile user friendliness improvements for the submit a walk page

Update 14/09/2017

  • Fix – @ character was breaking a user’s Instagram link
  • Styling improvement for Author block on single walk post
  • Styling improvement for profile side bar details

Update 13/09/2017

  • Added ability for users to change their display name and thus URL to their profile
  • Author name and link now shows up in the walk title (excludes posts by admin)
  • Increased image upload size to 5mb(previously 2 mb)
  • Formatted user’s website to not display transfer protocol

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