Red Hands Cave


Red Hands Cave

Red hands cave is one of the easier walks found in the Blue Mountains National Park in Glenbrook. The walk has two starting points, one on the Eureka trail and the other leaves from the Red Hands Carpark.  The Eureka trail is a 6km loop trail which can be very steep in some sections. which offers beautiful views through the mountains. if you are after a short walk, you can drive to the start of the trail where there is a small car park and toilets.

The walk will slowly lead you down a gradual decent, with perfect viewing opportunities to see plenty of native birds along the way. The path is worn in however in some sections of the year, may start to overgrow just before getting to the caves. You will notice large rock formations before seeing a veiwing platform. You are able to get very close to the rock art however it is protected by a metal gate. The Aboriginal artwork is believed to be between 500-1600 years old, which is why it needs to be protected. The art is still a very bright red, depicting hands from both elders and children. To help preserve this old traditional artwork, please don’t use a flash when taking photos.

You are able to return to the car the same way or you can continue to go down the hill. Thw hill does become steep and is around 3kms long. If you decided to finish the walk this way, make sure you have adequate equipment and hyration. Once you’ve reached the bottom of a decent and come to an intersection after crossing the small river, you will need to turn right. Follow this path along the stream for around 750 metres before needing to cross back over the stream again. The water will disappear from your sight as you move up the hill towards the car.

Red Hands Cave
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