Pigeon House Mountain


Pigeon House Mountain

The walk to pigeon house mountain is not for the faint hearted. If you hate steep walks with lots of stairs, then this probably isn’t for you. The walk begins from the carpark that can be found on the end of Pigeon House road. There is an information board here, a small carpark, picnic tables and a toilet. The drive in to the mountain is all on unsealed road. It can be accessible by non-4wds but it is recommended to carefully consider the car you take on this road, especially after rain.

Walking To The Summit of Pigeon House Mountain

The walk to the top can be a long and tedious walk with many breaks along the way. The first 1km of the walk is a fire trial that leads straight up. Sections of the path have wooden planks to help stop the ground from sliding out beneath it. The next small section of the walk is some steep stairs and rocks. There are a few rocks that you can sit on along the way the still offer some amazing views. Once you’ve persevered through this section, you will have around another 1km of complete flat section. There are a few vantage points along the way that you can trail off along. Just remember to only stay on worn in paths to avoid destroying natural vegetation.

From here you will hit another steep section. This part of the walk will last around 800m until you finally reach the steep stairs and ladders to the top. This part of the walk has stairs cut into the rocks as well as wooden steps that have been put up to make the return easier on your knees. If you complete the walk after heavy rain, the stairs in these sections become puddles so it is important to make sure you wear the appropriate footwear.

The ladders are the final section before reaching the top of Pigeon House Mountain. The ladders are very stable but can be unsuitable for small children. Only one person can climb the ladders at one time and there are large areas between the ladders where you can wait for others to come down. Whilst at these sections, you have beautiful vista views of the escarpment. Once you’ve concord the final ladder, you have then successfully made it to the top of pigeon house mountain.

You are then free to explore around the top and see what views they have to offer. South can be a little difficult to see as there is no real safe access to a great viewing platform. You can see views of “The Castle” which can be seen to your north-west. To your East you could see the coast that extends all the way to Ulladulla. To your South you can see views of Clyde and Burroman. Anywhere up here is a great place to sit down and enjoy your well-earned packed lunch!

Returning from Pigeon House Mountain

The return will to the carpark from Pigeon House Mountain takes you along the same 3km route you came in on. Be sure to take any rubbish with you as there are no bins in the area. The way back is at a much faster pace as it is entirely all downhill except the 1km of flat walking trail that you walked along on the way in. It is advised to stick to a pace you are comfortable with to avoid slipping and falling on the way back. The carpark is the only place you will find a bathroom on this walk so the walk to the car will be extra rewarding!

Pigeon House Mountain
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