National Falls


National Falls

This is a very easy and short walk to one of the Royal National Park’s larger falls, located beside McKell Avenue. The nearby town of Waterfall was named after these spectacular falls. This is a great walk for kids and a good sidetrack for people heading to other Royal attractions such as Figure 8 Pool, Garie Beach and Wattamolla. Please be mindful of the leeches that live here, as well as the slippery rocks surrounding the falls. Be sure to supervise children as there is a nearby 30-metre cliff face below the falls.

The best entry point for National Falls is via Waterfall. From both sides of the Princes Highway, follow signs to the Royal National Park. National Falls is located 2.3km from the start of the drive through the park. Be careful not to miss the small dirt carpark for the falls on the left of the road. From this carpark, there is a fenced-off lookout over the upper cascades above the main falls. To the right of this fence, back towards the main road, is a staircase which takes you directly to National Falls.

Although there is no swimming pool beneath the falls, it can be a good place to dip your head under in Summer. For an interesting viewpoint, take the small track directly to the left of the falls which brings you behind the overhang that the falls plunge over. There is also a great view over the lower falls at the eastern end of the cascades below the falls. Please take caution of the cliff face here as a fall here can lead to serious injury or death.

For nearby picnic areas check out Gunjulla Flat, just 800 metres before the National Falls carpark, or the Upper Causeway Picnic Area with its views over the Hacking River, located at the intersection of McKell Avenue and Lady Wakehurst Drive.


National Falls
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