Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track


Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track

Gundabooka National Park is located just 49kms outside of Bourke on Kidman way. The turn can be found on your right heading out of Bourke, with signs to the national park. Continue on Ben Lomond Road for approximately 7.5km to the Mulgowan Heritage Site entrance on the left. Turn off, then drive for approximately 16km to the Mulgowan Heritage Site carpark. The road is unsealed and consists of  a vast range of wildlife so be alert when driving.

From the carpark you will notice a display board with information about the national park and a number of maps. You can see a clear red path leading you towards a small rocky incline. On the path, you will see a number of markers in the form of Aboriginal art. Following these markers will lead you through a carved rocky path which eventually leads to a small river crossing. During the dry months the creek is often dry, so packing water is essential, especially during summer. Once you’ve made it over the creek, you’ll start another small incline to the caves which contain the artworks. These artworks depict animals and people during ceremonial events of Indigenous peoples of the Ngemba and Kurnu Baakandji tribes.
To return to the car you’ll need to follow the same path back.

Mulgowan (Yappa) Aboriginal Art Site walking track
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