Mt Keira Summit Track


Mt Keira Summit Track

Not to confuse this track with the Mt Keira Ring track, this walk starts at the lookout viewing platforms of Mount Keira lookout. Park your car in the carpark at the lookout on Queen Elizabeth Drive and head down to the viewing platforms.

After you have had a chance to take in the beautiful views of Wollongong and Port Kembla surrounds you will notice to your right, a dirt trail. This walk is the Keira summit track which will lead you around to another viewing platform which is called Five Islands Lookout. Sadly this lookout is mainly fenced off. Some spots along the way however do offer unique views over the Illawara region. The walk is very easy with minimal effort, it is still recommended however to wear enclosed shoes. Once you have reached Five Islands Lookout there are three paths which ¬†you can take. One is the Dave Walsh’s Track which does eventually lead up to the Mt Keira Ring Track, which is a long walk and can take up the whole day. If you are interested in only the short walk you can take the trail with the signs that lead to the carpark. This trail is covered in fallen leaves with signs randomly distributed along the path, listing the names of some of the flora in the area. The third option is to return the way you came back to the lookouts.

Mt Keira Summit Track
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