Maldon Suspension Bridge


Maldon Suspension Bridge

The Maldon suspension bridge is an old abandoned bridge built in 1903, the bridge is closed to all traffic and blocked off at either end, if you wish to climb onto the bridge you will need to do so from the side and understand that the bridge is not maintained and exploring on it carries a significant risk. There is no parking and the gate into the abandoned road is locked so you will need to park up the road and walk down. Roughly 400m down the abandoned road over the armco barrier you will see a warn in track that goes down to Maldon weir. The weir offers a nice swimming spot and people often slide down the weir on crates.

Additional information about Maldon Bridge

Unfortunately the Maldon suspension bridge was recently the target of an arson attack, leaving a large portion of the bridge heavily damaged. We highly advise due to this damage to the bridge and other damage from recent floods in the area that you do no climb on or walk across the bridge. It is still well worth checking out from afar and below.

Maldon Suspension Bridge
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