Kosciuszko Express Chairlift Walk


Kosciuszko Express Chairlift Walk

This walk begins at Threadbo which is just within the Kosciuszko National Park. Before commencing this walk please note that national park fees apply as does chair lift prices. You’ll need to check Threadbo site for prices and opening times. Please be mindful that the chairlift closes around 4:30pm (Times vary) so plan your hike accordingly.

The chairlift is your starting point and will take around 15mins to complete. This offers unique and scenic views of the national park as well as summer activities like mountain bike riding below. Once at the top you’ll see a few signs, follow the one directing you to Kosciuszko summit, which is just straight. The walk for the most part is marked with a metal grate boardwalk, making it easy to follow. After around 4kms you’ll see a nice little rest area to take in panoramic views whilst finding a nice spot to catch your breath and have a snack.

If you continue on straight you’ll follow the path directly. The next intersection you reach will be a few kilometres away. That offers toilet facilities you can use as well as an option to veer on another track. To reach the summit you need to follow the signs and continue straight. The other path will lead you to some huts on another route. From here it’s not much further until you reach the summit, although there is a rather steep incline. Once on top, relax, take in the views, have a packed lunch, breathe in the fresh air and re-cooperate before heading back in the same direction you came to reach the chairlifts.

Kosciuszko Express Chairlift Walk
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