Kellys Falls


Kellys Falls

kellys falls can be found in Stanwell tops, just a short drive from Wollongong. There is a picnic area near the car park which makes for a great place to come for lunch while you listen to the sounds of the water cascading down the falls in the distance.

The walk to the bottom of the falls starts from the car park. At the start of the walk you will notice two paths. The one that leads straight will offer views from the top of the falls and will lead you to a few viewing platforms. If you head right you can begin the decent to the bottom of the falls.

Shortly after following the path down, you’ll come across a section of the track that branches to the left. If you follow this path, it will lead you to a ladder which you can climb down to get to the falls (The ladder has since been removed so you will require your own rope or rope ladder to get down if you are confident). It is highly recommended that you wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy, as the track is often rather wet. Due to the nature of the climb, this walk has been graded hard for this reason.

Once at the bottom of the ladder, the path will trail around again leading you directly to the falls. A few falls tress are down, so you will need to climb over them in some sections. Here you can cool off in the water, climb to the top of the rocks and jump out or just sun bake on the rocks. It is also possible to climb sections of the falls or follow the river down and explore the surroundings.

To return to the car, you’ll need to follow the same way. You will need to climb up the ladder to make it back to the car, so only climb down if you are comfortable returning the same way. The hike back to the car is short but steep.

Kellys falls is well worth the visit and makes for an awesome adrenaline filled swimming location nested close to Wollongong and Sydney.


Kellys Falls
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