Jellybean Pool


Jellybean Pool

Jellybean Pool is found in the Blue Mountains National Park, near Glenbrook. The walk is very easy however it does involve uneven rough stairs for most of the short duration of the walk. It is a straightforward walk which begins from the car park with plenty of signs directing you to the pools. Once in the National Park, follow the clearly marked signs to Jellybean pool, this is where you will park and begin the walk.

Follow the path down the rock cut stairs until you reach the sand at the bottom. Here is a beautiful spot to swim with the family in this section of the pools. If you are after something a little more action-packed, follow the stream towards the right when facing the water. You will come across rocks in which to jump off into the water. You can find and access the jump from either side of the river, with a warn in path that’s just visible on either side. You can return to the car via the same track you arrived on.

The water of jellybean pool is of a distinct colour, it gets this discolouration from the native gums that line both sides of the river dropping their leaves into the water. While the water may look dirty it is certainly not, it is clean and refreshing on a hot summer day. Jelly bean pool is certainly worth a day visit and only an hour out of Sydney, if the pool isn’t enough the blue mountains are full of many more short adventures and swimming holes, check some of them out over at the blue mountains region page


Jellybean Pool
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2 thoughts on "Jellybean Pool"

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi there. I hope you don’t find this question super pedantic but just wondering HOW the water is clean? I’m a novice on water quality but since creeks are generally not clean around my area, and have a weird sewerage-like smell, how is this pool clean when it is such a long way from the ocean? I mean pareamatta river is quite dirty and it is closer to the ocean.
    Not meaning to be a smart ass or anything, genuinely curious as I’m planning a camping trip here but would like to know in advance. TIA 🙂

    1. Pioneer Walks Pioneer Walks says:

      Hi Jackie, happy to any your question where we can. Generally speaking the ocean doesn’t have an impact on a river’s cleanliness as most rivers run towards the ocean. The biggest factor that contribute to a river’s cleanliness is how fast it flows. A fast flowing river means algae isn’t able to grow on the surface. It also means that the water gets to constantly flow through a river’s natural filters, that being aquatic plants and rocks. These help catch debris, feed oxygen into the water and extract contaminants from the water. There are more factors that contribute to the cleanliness to a river, but these are the basics.

      Jellybean pool, while the river may look still, it is flowing, this is what keeps it clean.

      Hope we were able to clear that up for you 🙂

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