Horseshoe Falls Track


Horseshoe Falls Track

The Horseshoes falls track begins in the Blue Mountains in a town called Hazelbrook (18kms outside of Katoomba). There is no dedicated carpark for the start of this walk. You can park on the side of the road before commencing on Oaklands Rd. Within this area there are a number of falls you can visit within a small distance of one another, each offering something completely different. The three main waterfalls are Horseshoe falls, Oaklands falls and Burgess falls. The path can become rather confusing at times as it trails off in a number of directions. There are a number of large stairs and some steep drops to please do be mindful of shoe wear. We suggest you stick to the path that follows closest to the waters edge for a more scenic and direct route.

Horseshoe falls

The first Waterfall you will come to is Horseshoe falls which has a cave behind it and is in the shape of a horse shoe. The falls are very pretty and you are able to walk through the small cave and explore the area. There were a number of small tracks behind the falls which lead to another mini water falls and allowed for beautiful photos of the stream, the walk does take you up-hill. If you continue to follow the trail it will then take you to Oakland falls which are only a couple of hundred metres away.

Oakland falls

Oakland falls look very similar to Horseshoe falls in the sense that there is a cave behind the falls. This waterfalls is most impressive after heavy rainfalls, however it does make the track a challenge as the mud makes it difficult in many areas. Joggers or hiking boots are strongly recommended on this walk. Large fallen down trees make the atmosphere feel majestic and make the surroundings unique, however does block some of the water flow to Burgess falls and does mean you do need to climb over them in some sections of the track.

Burgess falls

Burgess falls is the final waterfall that can be seen on this walk. The water flow was not great, even after the rain however is still very pretty and is a must see. Fungi and moss covered rocks give you a number of things to view. It is suggested to do this walk after heavy rain for the optimum experience. Autumn is also a good time to visit as there is a bigger array of Fungi to view.

From here you would then return the same way you came or take the outer track as that will also return you to your car. If you follow the track 500m down, you will come out very close to some shops, the  Hazelbrook Bowling club and some bathrooms can be found just a street away. If you were looking for somewhere nice to have something to eat or if you were in need of a drink, there are facilities close by, however none on the track.

Horseshoe Falls Track
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