Ellenborough Falls


Ellenborough Falls

Ellenborough Falls can be found just an hour’s drive out of Taree, on the Bulga Plateau at Elands. Roads into the falls are unsealed for some distance but are accessible by both 4wd and 2wd. The waterfalls have a carpark and kiosk where you can purchase snacks and water if you need. Parking can be limited however, there is plenty of offsite parking for peak times.

There are plenty of ways to view Ellenborough falls. Whether you are wanting to see the top of the falls, the bottom or just see it from a distance, we’ve got you covered. You will see the walk starting from a few different places. The walk to the top of the falls is very short but does involve some stairs.

Top of Ellenborough Falls:
The walk to the top of the falls begins from the car park. Over near the sheltered huts, you will see a path that lowers to a viewing platform. You can see the tops of the falls from this location or you can take the path slightly to your right to see the very top. The walk to the very top of the falls only takes around 5 minutes to access. There is a viewing platform at the bottom of the stairs which also offers seating.
The Knoll – Direct Opposite View of Ellenborough Falls:
The knoll is a 450m walk to see the falls in full. You can stand opposite the great Ellenborough falls at a slightly lower elevation level than the falls. This walk begins from the path closest to the kiosk. The path begins a decent to some stairs. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you will come to a sign the shows you directions to both the bottom of the falls and the knoll. If you are planning to do both we strongly recommend completing the knoll first. This section of the walk takes only around 10 minutes to complete one way. It offers gorgeous views into the valley and takes you over stunning little bridges. You get to capture glimpses of the falls as you make your way to the official viewing platform. The walk can continue on once you reach the platform although if you are after a shorter walk it’s recommended you return the same way back to get to the bottom of the falls.

Lower Ellenborough Falls:
The lower falls walk will take you to the very bottom of the falls. This too is also a 450m walk but does take around 30 minutes to get to the bottom. The path is very clear and direct but does contain in total 641 stairs to the bottom. There are plenty of seats to rest on the way back up but many sections of the walk let only one person pass at a time. There are picnic tables at the bottom of the falls but you can expect to get wet sitting on them if you go after heavy rainfall. You can fully experience and enjoy the 160m height of Ellenborough falls. To return back to the car you will need to return the same way you came. A good fitness level is strongly recommended for the completion of this walk.

Ellenborough Falls
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