Elizabeth Grant Falls


Elizabeth Grant Falls

The walk to Elizabeth Grant Falls begins at the Cochable Creek Camping Area in Tully Gorge National Park, which is accessed by taking the Tully Gorge Road for 38 kilometres from Tully, before turning right onto the “H” Road just before a bridge over the Tully River and following this road to its terminus 9km further along at the campground. The “H” Road is unsealed and a 4WD is recommended, especially if conditions are wet.

The track to Elizabeth Grant Falls is well signed from the campground, and almost immediately crosses a causeway over the Cochable Creek, which may have water over it in high flow conditions. The track itself consists of a wide 4WD track for most of the hike to the falls, and while it is certainly not drivable any more, it makes for relatively easy hiking. Once Cochable Creek has been crossed, the track winds it way up above the creek, before flattening out and continuing almost dead straight for several kilometres. After 3km a junction with the Koolmoon Creek Track is reached, however the way to Elizabeth Grant Falls is well signed, and the straight track continues much the same as before. The 4WD track ends 1.6 kilometres later, and from here a narrower but still easy to follow track must be followed for the last 600 metres of walking to the falls lookout.

The track ends at a small clearing where a gap in the trees provides a spectacular view of Elizabeth Grant Falls, which cascades roughly 300 metres over a number of drops, culminating in a plunge of about 90 metres. Needless to say if it was possible to reach the base of the falls the view would be incredible, however this is certainly not possible from the track to the lookout. The falls flow on the perennial Koolmoon Creek so are spectacular all year round, however after rain the falls would be a really breathtaking sight. The picture on this page was taken at the end of the dry season, when the water level was very low.

Elizabeth Grant Falls
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