Cape St George Historic Lighthouse


Cape St George Historic Lighthouse

The Cape St George Historic Lighthouse is found in the Booderee National Park in Jervis Bay. This is a very easy walk which is suitable for most people, even those with prams. The path begins just off the car park, which leads you on a gravel path to the lighthouse. Along the way there are a number of historic information boards that explain the foundations of the ruins and gives information about previous keepers of the house.

Once leaving the car park, you will need to follow the path straight. There will be a path early on which offers views of Moe’s Rocks to the right, if you stop here you’ll need to jump back onto the same path to reach the lighthouse. When continuing on the straight, you’ll come across an information board with an old image (evidence suggests it was taken in 1870) which shows some of the families who lived in the lighthouse at the time. Shortly up from this photo, you’ll reach the stables. Ruins still remain of the stables, offering an insight into their lives.

You’ll soon reach an intersection, which you’ll need to turn right. This will then directly lead you to the lighthouse and surrounding foundations. Other remaining buildings include the laundry and kitchen that were just off from the central building, the main building which consisted of eight rooms and was where the lighthouse once stood. A small building also still remains right on the end of the cliff, which is believed to be the toilets.

Before heading back to the car the same way you returned, it’s great to read the information boards around for more information. Boards displayed tell you a little insight into the buildings, the people who lived here and also the way where many people became “shipwrecked” which made the area so significant.


Cape St George Historic Lighthouse
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