Reefer Battery Loop


Reefer Battery Loop

Exploring Adelong gold mine ruins is a must! In 1870 the mines were built to harvest gold which came to an end, however the building foundations still remain. On this walk, you are able to go out and self-explore these ruins, pan for gold or just admire the view and read the many information boards displayed from the viewing platform.

The walk begins from the path found to the right of the viewing platform. Here there are many signs directing you however you follow the one that veers to the right and starts to take you towards the town. Before you head too far, take the bridge and cross over it. There will be a path from here that will lead you directly to the ruins. You will have a section were you are able to continue straight, crossing another bridge or follow what looks like a driving trail. We recommend following the driving trail to go and view the foundations of the caretakers cottage. You get to take a brief glimpse into what the houses were like at the time and the views that the owner had. Once you’ve finished exploring the cottage, we recommend heading back to the junction and crossing over the bridge, leading you to the ruins.

This will lead you directly to the rest of the ruins where you are able to explore at your own pace in any direction. Information boards will convey information about the artifacts and explain their purpose. You are able to head down to the water and try your luck panning for gold or making your way up to view the chimney, just on the path behind you. On the way to the chimney you can stop and have a rest or lunch at the picnic area where you can head down to the cascades for some more photo opportunities.

The concrete bridge down by the main river is the key to returning to the lookout. Follow that straight up the concrete path and it will eventually lead you to the main viewing platform where you parked. The return walk can be rather steep in some sections, although it doesn’t last for long.

Reefer Battery Loop
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