Walk submission Guide

Walks Grading

Walk grading is listed from easy to Advanced, when choosing a grade for your walk please consider the following to determine what grade best suits your walk.

  • Easy – Walks that are accessible by young children, the elderly or disabled. These walks are typically flat and repetitively short
  • Medium – These are walks that are not suitable for the elderly or disabled. Depending on kids age and confidence, kids can do this one too. These are either short walks that have steep inclines or long fairly level walks but do require some level of fitness.
  • Hard – Steep, long hikes not suitable for kids. Generally take multiple hours of difficult hiking with some experience required.
  • Advanced – Not for the light hearted at all, PLB is required as well as first aid. These are hikes only for the experienced hikers or climbers/

Walk Description

Please be as descriptive as possible, we recommend starting with how to find the trail head and describing the whole track and any turns or possibly confusing parts of the track. The 300 word minimum limit is to ensure that there is enough detail in the description. There is no maximum, so if you have a lot to say about the walk, you can type to your heart’s content. Be as descriptive as possible so others know what to expect. Please avoid using profanity in your post (Posts will be monitored by admin).

Featured Image and Gallery

Image max file size of 5mb, 10 maximum images for the gallery. The feature image will be used as the main header image and any thumbnail images for the walk, so we recommend using your favourite photo that captures most of the beauty from your walk. Watermarking your images is welcomed and encouraged, so people can recognise your work easily when browsing all walks. However if possible please Keep your watermarks to the image corner so as not to obscure your photos. Any inappropriate images will not be displayed and will be filtered before being published.

Who owns your images once you upload them? You do, they’re still your images and we wont ever use any of them out side of your walk/promoting your post without your permission.

Walk map

The walk map helps to show other users where the start of the walk begins. You can either enter the coordinates in manually or you can just use the map to zoom in and out. To place the marker, just drag the red location icon to the positioning. This is a mandatory field to ensure other users can find the starting point.

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