Glow Worm Season – The Best Time To See Them

Glow worm season is something that is extremely important to take note of, especially if you are in search of these magical little creatures. These little guys are unique to Australia and New Zealand and are renowned for their incredible bioluminescence that needs to be seen to believed.

First things first, glow worms aren’t actually worms. They’re the larvae of a primitive fly – the fungus gnat that glows, so don’t expect to see large worms wriggling around. The worms use their glow to attract prey. Once an animal (usually mosquitos) are lured in by the light, they become entangled on a silk web, becoming food for the larvae.

When Is Glow Worm Season?

Glow worm season is during the warmer months of the year, between December to March. They are usually found in wet habitats, so caves and rainforests are usually the places that these little organisms tend to dwell in. Between December to March is our wettest season which is when you can expect to see these magnificent light displays of blue and green.  It’s best to visit after dusk to truly see the magical lights display.
Glow Worm Habitat

Where To See Glow Worms:

There are only a few locations in Australia where glow worms can be found, in fact, there are only 6 locations we know of in NSW, VIC and Queensland. Our favourite of them is Glow Worm Glen in Bundanoon. Here the glow worms remain on the rocks and the bioluminescence lights the walls. On this walk, you may be lucky enough to see other glowing fungi such as mushrooms on the trees.  You can also capture the worms in NSW at the following places such as Te Helensburgh Tunnel at the old railway station just a short drive from Sydney, or The Glow Worm tunnel in Lithgow, in the Blue Mountains.

Glow Worm Glen

Glowing Fungi, Glow Worm Glen.

For Victoria, you can see them in Melba Gully, Great Otway National Park, VIC, where they can be found along the walking track at night. Those in Queensland can catch the worms in two places, one being Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast, QLD. These worms live in purpose built caves as part of a breeding program. Here you can go and visit the worms during the day between 10am – 4pm! The other place you can catch them in their natural habitat is Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast, QLD, which is home to the largest glow worm colony.

When Vsiting The Glow Worms:

    • Do not use light around them (Shine torches or the ground and use long exposures over flash photography).
    • Do not smoke;
    • Keep noise to a minimum;
    • Do not touch them.

It’s important not to disturb them as they only have a short lifespan and need to try to reproduce in this time. It would be a shame if we were to lose these incredible creatures for the sake of a photo. If you’ve checked out the glow worms and want to see more bioluminescent creatures, be sure to check out the fireflies at the Forest of Tranquility in Ourimbah. If you have any additional information on the glow worm season or where else to find them, please comment below.

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  1. Cherry Manfield says:

    Are we able to visit now? best, cherry

    1. Pioneer Walks says:

      Yes, between December and March are when Glow worms are most active.

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