Dharawal Pools


Dharawal Pools

The Dharawal pools are located in the Dharawal National park, it is a new park opened in 2012 located just outside of Campbelltown in Appin. The Dharawal pools are made up of two pools, Minerva Pool (Pictured) and Jingga Pool. These pools are a great spot for swimming and make for a scenic bushwalk. The walk begins at the end of Victoria road where there is a car park provided.

Minerva pool

Minerva pool is a large wide pool with a Rock island in the middle, the pool is creek fed by a small waterfall, this pool s ideal for a swim. Take caution entering the water as there is no easy access. As tempting as it may be Avoid of jumping straight in from the rock ledge, the water in these pools is often murky and unseen hazards may be lurking just below the surface. The whole walk takes about 3 and a half hours completing the whole circuit. You could however complete a short walk straight to one of the lookouts or pools along the track.

Dharawal Pools
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Getting there

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6.5km circuit
3 hours 30 minutes


Half day walk
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